FICO warns mortgage, student loan delinquencies may rise RealScout raises $6 million for superior real estate searches Online Real estate brokerage rex raises m Series C – Can artificial intelligence (AI) disrupt the residential real estate industry? A growing number of companies seem to think so, although some realtors have doubts. Last summer, I wrote about how one such startup, Reali, had raised a $20 million Series B. Today, we’ll look at how REX, a licensed residential real estate brokerage using AI and big data, has closed on a $45 million Series C round.The Borrower Bailout Fallacy: Why PIMCO’s Bill Gross is Flat-Out Wrong From the Otteau Group:. Recent Housing Slump Extends to 4 Straight Months. Purchase contracts to buy a home in New Jersey fell by 25% in August compared to one year ago as the housing market continues to weaken in the aftermath of expired federal homebuyer tax credits.Additionally, there are multiple levels of delinquency that may be reported on your credit report. A debt can be reported as 30, 60, 90 and then 120 days late. Multiple delinquencies or a longer period of delinquency can affect your credit score much more negatively.PDF Court Decisions in Mortgage & Foreclosure Cases – J-A38038-11 – 9 – include in the notice that it promulgated the option of the mortgagor meeting face-to-face with a consumer credit counseling agency. appellant argues that the trial court failed to give the agency’s interpretation and prerogative due deference.

 · The sharp decline in the value of preferred shares of the troubled mortgage finance firms could lead to billions of dollars more in bank writedowns. Still, many classes of the preferred shares are down 50% or more this year. Credit rating agency Moody’s downgraded Fannie’s and Freddie’s preferred shares Friday, citing the risk of a government bailout. And the sharp decline in value of.

Federal Incentives Coming for Short Sales, Deeds-in-Lieu HAFA SM sets out an important simplified industry standard for the complex process of a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. These foreclosure alternatives have better outcomes than foreclosures for borrowers, neighborhoods and communities, and investors.Wells Sees 60-70% Loss Severity in Option-ARMs A new Wells fargo report projects big losses due to ALT-A and Option ARM recasts. Congress doubts that Treasury Department’s $50 billion loan-modification program will help 3-4 million foreclosures. The OC Register reports the smallest home-price loss in two years.

Calabria says new legislation is not needed to get Fannie and Freddie out of conservatorship. Calabria will work with Treasury later this year to help Fannie and Freddie raise new money so that FHFA can eventually declare them adequately capitalized. Upon Fannie and Freddie becoming capitalized, conservatorship will end.

Warner said in a statement that the bipartisan Senate proposal “will end the current Fannie and Freddie model of private gains and public losses.” In the House, Republicans have drafted a bill that.

Fannie MAE and Freddie Mac (I call them F&F) make a fascinating story and studying the recent Pershing Square presentation is well worth the effort. A few years ago, when F&F were at the height of their sub-prime malfeasance, an opportunity came along that they promptly dismissed at their own peril, and it is now coming back to haunt them.

Republicans may want to wind down the government sponsored. of American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) with US Airways. Post restructuring shareholder returns have been staggering. Meanwhile, shareholders.

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