The Trump Administration: Impact on the Mortgage and Housing. – Laurie Goodman, the director of the housing finance policy Center at the Urban Institute, will discuss the impact of the Trump administration on the mortgage and housing markets. She will address topics including the availability and affordability of housing and credit and delve into the likelihood of GSE reform.

Housing Finance Issues to Watch in 2019 Giving Compass – Vice President Laurie Goodman: I am most worried about whether we’ll figure out how to increase the housing supply quickly enough to address the acute shortage that is causing affordability problems in too many places.Two of the more obvious solutions are increased use of manufactured housing and new building technologies, such as modular and panelized housing, both of which I will be.

Trending Thursday: Staring right at the next housing crisis – The authors, Rolf Pendall, Laurie Goodman and Jun Zhu, urge policymakers to focus on preserving and developing affordable rental housing. The report says that although the housing rebound has not been.

Too many regulators in the kitchen Too many regulators bad for the economy. August 19, 2014 13:25 ist. The proliferation of sectoral watchdogs has created competing and overlapping jurisdictions. The process urgently needs to be.

Lessons from the financial crisis: The central importance of. – Michael Calhoun discusses the importance of sustainable, affordable, and inclusive housing. He first provides data on the role of housing in causing the financial crisis, and then highlights four.

ABS East panel says Shiller wrong on housing bubble call – He didn’t think it would return to the inflated pricing before the housing bust. "We are certainly not in a housing bubble," said Laurie Goodman. and remain attractive. Goodman posited that even.

Interview with Laurie Goodman, Director of the Housing finance policy. issues, and specifically public policy toward housing and housing finance.. don't identify viable ways to ensure that more of these units are affordable,

The latest in bulk buying? Houses – Amherst Securities managing director Laurie Goodman. U.S. housing is turning into the new value asset class of the moment. In an analysis of the 325 major metropolitan real estate markets across.

Fed officials stay cautious in shifting market Whatever the Fed does, interest rates will stay low for a. – Whatever the Fed does, interest rates will stay low for a while. The Fed’s chair, Janet Yellen, has taken pains to be cautious. On Wednesday, the central bank gave more signals that it will move slowly toward its first interest rate increase in nearly a decade. By the end of the year, Fed officials expect the benchmark rate will reach 0.625 percent.

Freddie Mac Issues Monthly Volume Summary for March 2019 – Since our creation by Congress in 1970, we’ve made housing more accessible and affordable for homebuyers and renters. 703-903-3861 INVESTOR CONTACT: Laurie Garthune.

Time for FHA to Ease Credit – and Lender Angst – This week UI’s Laurie Goodman, revisits the issue on the organization’s urban wire blog. She says UI’s Housing Credit Availability Index. both GSEs have addressed many of the servicing cost issues..

Can manufactured homes help the housing crisis? – "In densely populated areas, land costs are quite high, and it is very difficult to build even high-density affordable housing," says Laurie Goodman, vice president of housing finance policy.

Countrywide Moves to Reassure on Liquidity, Future SunEdison Sped Up $1 Billion Goldman Deal to Reassure Investors – “We wanted to reassure. The moves haven’t had much effect on the stock. The shares slipped to $13.35 on Aug. 11, a 19-month low, and were trading at $13.75 at 11:08 a.m. in New York. “They did.

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