PS: pithom makes a good point in the comments that oil prices were rising at the time that auto sales were falling, so that I shouldn’t get too excited about credit as a causal factor. That’s true. Although, Mian and Sufi using the detroit housing market as a prominent example of the housing bubble in House of Debt remains an oddity in either case.

By Paul Traub. In the spring of 2017, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago published a Chicago Fed Letter article that introduced an index that was developed to track the economic activity in the city of Detroit. This new index was called the Detroit Economic Activity Index (DEAI), and it was also briefly discussed in an earlier Michigan Economy blog entry dated april 27, 2017.

90-Day Moratorium for California HUD Disaster Relief Options for FHA Homeowners | / U. – You or your family live within the geographic boundaries of a Presidentially-declared disaster area, you are automatically covered by a 90-day foreclosure moratorium. You are a household member of someone who is deceased, missing or injured directly due to the disaster, you qualify for a moratorium.CoreLogic to add 500 jobs in North Texas Idaho can’t hold all its prisoners. It may spend $500 million to change that. – Idaho Statesman file Idaho officials are considering spending $500 million on a prison expansion. a new community re-entry center in north Idaho for soon-to-be-released inmates who are starting to.

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Portland’s commercial real estate market, like the local housing. it could be forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Capmark also provided Equastone’s loan on the Atlanta tower. Until 2006, Capmark.

 · Detroit’s housing crisis is the work of its own government.. (gleb mikhalev for VICE News). even as the government slashed services and Detroit headed toward municipal bankruptcy.

On the canvas Detroit is in a fight for survival following bankruptcy — but are there signs of life for housing in the city?. Detroit housing market remains mystery after bankruptcy.

Southeast michigan housing futures. housing market to one of shared regional challenges. This report identifies three such challenges that. As Detroit recovers from bankruptcy and new commitments to regional action emerge, however, there are signs that the elements encouraging jurisdictional division may be starting to weaken. Within

Holding company created to operate existing field services firms 1.2 MEANING OF COMPANY. Section 3 (1) (i) of the Companies Act, 1956 defines a company as “a company formed and registered under this Act or an existing company”. Section 3(1) (ii) Of the act states that “an existing company means a company formed and.Existing-home sales continue to slip Existing-Home Sales Slip, but Inventory Stirs. Barely budging against imbalanced inventory, existing-home sales slipped at the start of summer, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) reports.

Katie Hopkins: The truth about Detroit's housing disaster Despite this, the housing market. s bankruptcy filing is the biggest in the history of the United States, dwarfing Detroit’s US$18 billion bankruptcy filing in 2013. Rents, rental yields: no yields.

The implications are serious for Americans outside Puerto Rico both because a taxpayer bailout would be expensive and a default would be far more disruptive than Detroit’s record bankruptcy filing..

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